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This is a website devoted to the spreading of the Word of God to the handicap community. For them, God holds a very special role to fill, as the Jews served as a role model for the Gentiles of the world.

All dimensions to the Bible will be considered, including my own Bible Notes when I spent nine monthhs listening through the Bible. Useful external websites you might consider visiting are as follows:
The Audio Bible website. Also: visit The Christian Research Institute website for additional background studies on the Bible.

A Recent Discovery: [May 29, 2014] A Common ending to many Church Sermons I would often hear when I went to church as a child can actually be found in the Bible at Numbers 6:224-26. It read as follows: The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenanceupon thee, andT give thee peace.

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WHERE DOES THE BLOOD TYPE OF A MAN/WOMAN ORIGINATE? IT COMES FROM THE GENES OF THE FATHER TO THAT CHILD. Jesus Christ had no physical father from which to deriver that Blood Type or any other characteristic found common to the CREATION OF BLOOD. To fill that role of the father, THE HOLY SPIRIT was called to TRANSFER that role of the father, by means of GOD THE FATHER. GOD THE FATHER, introduced unique elements to the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST, NOT CORRUPTED BY THE "ADAM'S" GENES.

As Jesus Christ's Blood was being poored out, it was this blood that retained all of these unique characteristics created at HIS CONCEPTION, that was now being poored out for MAN's SIN. Hebrews 9:22 - "And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission."
- [
Without the Shedding of Blood, there is no Forgiveness of Sin] -

The book of Psalms has been organized according to Moses's Pentitu:
Psalms 1 - 41 pertain to the bood of Genesis.
Psalms 42 - 72 pertain to the book of Exodus.
Psalms 73 - 89 pertain to the book of Leviticus.
Psalms 90 - 106 pertain to the book of Numbers.
Psalms 107- 150 pertain to the book of Deuteronomy.


FAITH without WORKS is DEAD.


LAW can only CURSE. It can not BLESS!
(Like a pump or a one-way valve, it can not push, but it can block).

- The Tribulation -
Genesis 10 / Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39

The Tribulatioin that the Jews will go through is because of the Pitty God has for His Name Sake.
Refer to: Ezekial 36 ... for His Holy Name.

The Sheeps' and The Goats' Judgement as referred to in Revelation are living people who servive the Tribulation and will be judged by how they treated the Jews. They will be standing before the Judgement Seat of Christ.

They will be sent to Heaven or Hell totally on specific works: How did they treat Isreal. Two out of Three Jews will be killed during the Tribulation.

The Twelve Mysteries of The BIBLE:

The Mystery of the Seven Churches: Revelation 1.
The Mystery of The Incarnation of Jesus Christ: I Timothy 3.
The Mystery of The Kingdon of God: Mark 4:11 - Everything that God Created.
The Mystery of The Bride of Christ: II Corinthians 5:10. / I Corinthians 3. / I Corinthians 9. / Matthews 22.
The Mystery of the Rapture: I Corinthians 15. / Isaiah 26. / Zephiniah 2:3. / Psalms 27: 5. / Ephisians 5. / Revelation 12.

The Mystery of The Kingdom of Heaven: Matthews 13. - A visible kingdom on the Earth: It's physical, It has locality. It's Earthly, including the saved and the unsaved souls. It's a political institution. It has a Capitol: Jerusalem.

The Mystery of God's Will - [The Consumation]: Ephesains 1. / I Corinthians 5. / Ephesians 2:7. / Revelation 10. / Isaiah 59. / Jerimiah 31.

The Mystery of The Gentile Fellow Aires: Romans 16.. / Matthews 13. / Ephesians 6. / Ephesians 3. / Colotions 1:26.
The Mystery of Isreal's Internal Blindness: Romans 11:25. / Josaiaj 5:15.
The Mystery of Salvation by Faith: I Timothy 3:9 / Ephesians 2:8, 9, 10.
The Mystery of Iniquity: II Thesalonians 2.
The Mystery of Babylon: Revelation 17.

Kingdom of God does not seem to have to include the unsaved souls.
Blindness of The Jews is because they were not ready to receive The Messiah.

The Four Covenants of God - are [Uncondition]:
The Davvidic Covenant: II Samual 7. / The Abrahamic Covenant: Genesis 12. / The Land Covenant: Genesis 15 & 17. / The Everlasting Covenant: Jeramiah 31:31.

Design Structure of Matthews through John:

writes of Christ as The Massiah and focuses on what He says.
Mark writes of Christ as The Suffering Servant and focuses on what He did.
Luke writes of Christ as The Son of Man and focuses on what He felt.
John writes of Christ as The Son of God and focuses on who He was.

Matthew ends on The Resurection.
Mark ends on The Assention.
Luke ends on The Promise of The Holy Sprirt.
John ends on The Promise of Jesus's Return.

The "
Works" of a Man are a Public Testimony of one's FAITH.
FAITH without WORKS is DEAD.
The Demonstration of "
WORKS" are how the SPIRIT produces a FRUIT of the SPIRIT.

Chuck Missler expresses a POSSIBLE CONNECTION to the ideas of
The Mark of The Beast [being on the forehead or the right hand] and The Anti-Christ [being afflicted with one eye darkened/ perhaps waring an Eye Patch] AND having one hand withered].

Chuck Missler's Theory: [This significance of the "70x7 Years" Theme]
God operates His Time-Clock in His relationship to His Relationship with Israel.

Chuck Missler observed that there were 4 instances of this 490 year segment of time laid ou in The Bible:

a). The Period of Time from Abraham to the Exodus from Egypt.
Genesis !2: 4, Galations 3:17 =
505 years.
Genesis 16:16 and Gensis 21:5 we have an Ishmael Situation =
15 years, [not involving Abraham].
505 - 15 =
490 Years involving God's relationship with Abraham/Israel.
b). The Period of Time from the Exodus of Israel to the Dedication of The Temple.
I Kings 6 & I Kings 8 [591 years + 10 years] = 601 years.
-Years of Disservatude -

Peoples of Disservitued 

Biblle Verses

Length of Time
 Mesapitanian.  Judges 3:8

 8 Years.

 Moabites.  Judges 3:12-14

 18 Years.

 Canonites.  Judges 4:2-3

 20 Years.

 Midianites.  Judges 6:1

 7 Years.

 Philistines & Amonites.  Judges 10:7-8

 18 Years.

 Philistines {Again]  Judges 13:1

 40 Years .


111  Years .

[601 years - 111 years] =
490 Years.

With Jesus Christ's Crucifiction, God's rellation with Israel was cut-off, to resume during the last week of the 70 weeks foretold of by Daniel.


Are we living in the Last Days?
Biblical Timelines.

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